Meet the Experts 

Lectures and Conversations

Saturday programme

Saturday @ 1130-1210 – The Rock Showman’s Booth

Mapping the Yorkshire Wolds – Dr Laura Burrel Garcia

Drop deep into East Yorkshire’s Jurassic and Cretaceous past as Laura shares her experience as a researcher and fieldworker with British Geological Survey.

Laura will be one of the scientists leading Monday’s Field Day to Speeton, also known as the chalk gawk walk and talk


Saturday @ 1230-1330 – The Rock Showman’s Booth 

Lunchtime Lecture: Mineral Wealth of The North – Rick Smith

The North of England’s diverse geology contains resources that have fired industry for hundreds of years. In his first of two festival conversations, industry Geologist Rick Smith shares this diversity through a whistlestop tour of the last few hundred million years. From Stone Axes to Polyhalite, Alum to Zinc, Rick shares Geology & personal experiences of working in mines, mapping out resources and having Woodsmith mine named after him!


Saturday @ 1400-1430 – The Rock Showman’s Booth

Art and Science of Plesiosaurs – Dr Luke Muscutt

 Dr Luke Muscutt comes to the science of palaeontology not as someone who digs fossils out of the ground, but as an engineer, robot designer and creative. Spend 30 minutes to look at long necked marine reptiles with fresh eyes.


Saturday @ 1500-1545 – The Rock Showman’s Booth

North East England and the Climate Crisis – Peter Stark

Peter Stark shares his compelling lecture on North East England’s role in the climate crisis. His compelling story connects the regional history of coal mining with technology and culture that was exported across the world, leading to where we are today. This talk lays the framework for Sunday’s Showcase Lecture at 4pm


Saturday @ 1600-1645 – The Rock Showman’s Booth


Between the Devil (toenails) and the Deep Jurassic Sea – Dr Jed Atkinson

Hidden beneath the sands of Redcar are outcrops of the oldest Jurassic rocks on the Yorkshire Coast. For well over a century these rocks were largely overlooked, despite representing an interval of time significant to the recovery from the end-Triassic mass extinction event. Redcar offers us a chance to look at how life bounced back in the Early Jurassic, to study the faunas and changing environments of this time, and to explore how the Devil’s Toenails fit into this story.


Lectures and Conversations

Sunday Programme

Sunday @ 1130-1200 – The Rock Showman’s Booth

Yorkshire’s Plesiosaurs – Richard Forrest

This year marks the 201st anniversary of Mary Anning’s discovery of the Plesiosaur. But what do we know about Yorkshire’s plesiosaurs? Some spectacular specimens have been found along the coast, both in historical times and the modern era.


Sunday @ 1230-1315 – The Rock Showman’s Booth

Mapping the Yorkshire Wolds – Dr Laura Burrel Garcia

Drop deep into East Yorkshire’s Jurassic and Cretaceous past as Laura shares her experience as a researcher and fieldworker with British Geological Survey.

Laura will be one of the scientists leading Monday’s Field Day to Speeton, also known as the chalk gawk walk and talk



Sunday @ 1345-1430 – The Rock Showman’s Booth

PANEL CONVERSATION : Mesozoic Marine Monsters 

When dinosaurs roamed the land, it was the Marine Reptiles that ruled the sees, and the Yorkshire Coast is a world-renowned site for Marine Reptile Fossils from the Mesozoic Era. Our panel of Palaeontologist experts come together to talk about the underwater world of marine reptiles. Featuring Dr Rebecca Bennion, Dr Luke Muscutt and Richard Forrest.  Moderated by Dr Jed Atkinson

Sunday @ 1500-1545 – The Rock Showman’s Booth

Attenborough and The Robot Plesiosaur – Dr Luke Muscutt

Late last year the BBC introduced the story of Sea Rex, a giant pliosaur found by amateur fossil enthusiast Philip Jacobs and extracted by Dorset palaeontologists and the Etches Collection. To bring that creature to life, science required ingenuity, creative thinking and the arts. Step in aerospace engineer Dr Luke Muscutt, who’s Robot Plesiosaur ‘Flip’ has been creating waves in more than just Imperial College’s Hydrodynamics lab

Sunday @ 1600-1645 – The Rock Showman’s Booth


The North of England – Our Geoheritage – Past, Present and Future

The festival’s second Showcase Lecture bring’s together three great minds from very different fields to discuss climate change, the current data, this panel conversation includes ‘founder’ of Woodsmith Mine, Geologist Rick Smith; National Strategy developer for Natural England, Rachel Murtagh; Heritage Researcher and passionate communicator Mr Peter Stark and you. Together we explore past, present and future and consider changes and solutions that can contribute to environmental recovery.




Wild West Dino Discovery 🦖 

Saturday and Sunday


The Wild West of Majuba Rd


Travel back to the golden days of great American Dinosaur Discoveries in this interactive camp. Learn about the Bone Wars from your dino-digging host and maybe even see a triceratops!

Olivia Rafferty 🎶 



Singer Songwriter writes authentic rock music – songs inspired by geology! She’ll be playing several sets earlier in the day as part of Kite Festival, and in the Amphitheatre at 3pm


Keneish Dance – Balance ⚖️ 

Sunday 26th May

12-1230 & 2:45-3:15

The Amphitheatre

Keneish Dance’s latest mesmerising Dance production, takes inspiration from immune cells; a metaphor for uniting the past and present into equilibrium. Take a deep dive into regenerative inner working of bodies. The rounding of the immune cell sphere, its spontaneous shuffling and fanning motion; all expressed through high spirited dance.

The event is family friendly and we encourage you to bring along everyone that you love for an unforgettable experience.

Lizzie Lovejoy – Set In Stone: Fossil Flash Fiction Stories and Poems

Sunday 26th May 

Pop-Up performances throughout the day


Listen to a series of stories and poems about our fossils, performed by NE Culture Award winning artist Lizzie Lovejoy.


The Palaeontological Association

Including world-renowned palaeo-artist James McKay

Dinosaur Isle Museum, Isle of Wight

Flip the Plesiosaur Robot (Dr Luke Muscutt)

Yorkshire Geological Society

Get your rocks and fossils cut and polished with the YGS rock-cutters!

Geologists’ Association

British Geological Survey

Yorkshire Underground, featuring fossils, cores, and geological Lego activities.

University of Leeds

Including fossil printing activities

Yorkshire Museum

Mary Anning’s plesiosaurs with the Yorkshire Museum
Discover these mysterious sea dragons, 200 years since Mary Anning found the very first complete skeleton. You may even meet Mary herself!

Whitby Museum

Yorkshire Natural History Museum

Fossils in t’Hills

Richard Forrest

Rotunda Geology Group, Scarborough (Sunday only)

(Saturday and Sunday) will be offering our popular T-rex Tombola, Free Fossil Identifications, Fossil Preparation Advice and Worldwide Fossils For Sale. is proud to support the Yorkshire Fossil Festival.

 Fossil Coast Drinks Co
(Saturday and Sunday)

Fossil Coast Drinks is an award winning premium drinks business inspired by the Jurassic Coast, fossil records and Earth’s geodiversity.