About Yorkshire Fossil Festival

Since 2014 with valued assistance from partners and funders, we’ve grown wings via the timeless act of evolution. 

This year marks a significant change, as we work towards solo, unassisted flight, by establishing a Community Interest Company that will help the festival thrive for another 10 years.

We invite interested supporters to join us for an information session via Video Call on Wednesday June 19th at 7:30pm, or Friday 21st June at 1:30pm. 

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As part of our future, we are seeking new partnerships from across the UK, as we dare to think, act, and create differently. To share Geoheritage activities and experiences with the widest audience, in ways that no-one else can. 

We are be seeking energy from leadership advisors; partnership from collaborative organisations; and founding a committee of volunteers to run the festival. We’re inviting people from all walks of life to get involved – from fossil enthusiasts to professionals across the sectors of culture, heritage, academia and industry.

A massive thanks to those who’ve journeyed with us to 2024. Exhibitors, museum partners, funders, local authorities, academics, universities, traders, rockhounds, creatives and everyone who has been part of our GeoHeritage. 


Festival Directors
Dr Liam Herringshaw and Steve Cousins